Millions of people are watching the ESPN and Netflix documentary The Last Dance and the current player who has been compared the most times Michael Jordan, Lebron James, is not an exception. In fact, the current Los Angeles Lakers player has recognized getting excited seeing how MJ got his first ring in 1991:

“Watching the fourth chapter. Watching Michael Jordan grab his first glass of champion almost made me cry. That level of emotion is inexplicable when you’ve been through those kinds of experiences.”

The last two episodes of The Last Dance are focused on the figure of Dennis Rodman and the rivalry of the Bulls and Pistons that continues to hurt Michael Jordan so much today.

Without a doubt, that first ring of MJ was the highlight in those moments of his career. It had been several years since he could overcome a team as tough as the Pistons and achieving it was a before and after in his career and in the history of the Chicago Bulls. After winning that seventh game at the United Center, no one could stop them.

We will have to see what The Last Dance has in store for us on the episodes next Monday. There is much intrahistory to tell in one of the best teams of all time.