LeBron changes his number: four retired jerseys?

LeBron James changes number again. The Los Angeles Lakers legend has worn two during his sports career, the ’23’ and the ‘6’, the latter forcedly when he reached the Heat, who retired the first to Michael Jordan when he announced that he was leaving basketball permanently, even though he never wore that jersey. Now, he will return to ‘6’, a strange decision if we consider that he has never denied his classic ’23’, which he began to wear in the Cavaliers, in his first and second stages in the franchise. With him he broke all records and conquered the 2016 ring, in a historic comeback to the Warriors. And he also won with him in 2020, already with the Lakers, in the Orlando bubble.

The story of LeBron with his shirts is still curious. He assured, with his landing in the Lakers, that he would wear the ’23’, but some voices pointed to the possibility that he gave the historic number to Anthony Davis when the star traded the Pelicans for the Lakers, in 2019. This did not happen like that and finally the King continued with ’23, which will change for 2021-22, as indicated by Shams Charania. According to the journalist, the change occurs after the legend has given the ‘6’ for the film Space Jam 2, and the aforementioned will surely give lucrative benefits in the form of sales, something always to be taken into account in the best league in the world. Yes indeed, Everything seems to indicate that Davis will continue to wear the ‘3’ that he has worn since his arrival in Los Angeles.

This unexpected event may lead to a fluke that would be absolutely historic: LeBron having four retired jerseys. Wilti Chamberlain and Pete Maravich total three each, and Kobe Bryant already has two numbers at the top of the Staples Center, the two he wore during his sports career (the ‘8’ and the ’24’). LeBron, depending on the time he spends in Hollywood, could repeat that feat with the ’23’ and the ‘6’ (one of the two will have it for sure). And, in addition, it is almost a certainty that the ’23’ of the Cavaliers and the ‘6’ that he led in the Heat will be removed from their respective franchises. It would be just the umpteenth feat of a historical man who, On the way to 37 years, he will play his 19th season in the NBA with a new change of number. And with a lot of history yet to be written. That always.

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