LeBron and Curry … the duo that could change NBA history?


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If see Lebron James and Stephen Curry separately is one of the greatest joys that the NBA, few can imagine what a team with two of the best players in history together would be like. Well that is the intention that it has Lebron by 2022. You want Curry Wear the Los Angeles franchise jersey.

According to the journalist Brian Windhorst, James has already begun to pull strings for the two rivals in four consecutive NBA finals to play together in 2022. In June of that year is when Curry’s contract with the Golden State expires although the point guard has, this summer, the option to extend your link with those in San Francisco. And that is the intention of the Bay team.

On All Star weekend LeBron started recruiting him“said the journalist. It should be remembered that for the first time in their careers, both played together in the All-Star game because James, captain of one of the teams, chose Curry as its base. A first taste of what could happen next summer.