learn to take time for yourself

You have other activities and you can’t put them aside, just as you can’t put the office aside.

Your mind is demanding that you work, but your body is asking it to stop.

It is important to set limits and respect when your workday ends.

A survey conducted by OCCMunidal, investigated how much Mexican workers manage to put aside their work once their hours are over. 46% said that once after hours, they do not think or work on anything related to their employment, although they said they had the possibility of contact open for any emergency that might occur. On the other hand, it was 52% who said they were unable to leave work when they were supposed to. Of the latter, 31% commented that in their free time they continue to answer calls or emails and the other 21% said they are still pending work even on their days off. Disconnecting from work is a great difficulty, since the “home office”, cell phones and the internet make contact constant

Did you know that Mexico, China and the United States are the countries where there are more cases of work stress? Up to 75% of Mexican workers report this discomfort. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Mexico is the country with the most hours of work per worker annually, with 2,250. Mental Wellness of employees, it is not usually taken into account by companies, as, in reality, it is not in daily life, due to many prejudices that still exist in this regard. A poorly regulated home office can take the situation to a greater extreme, since it seems that we have to be available to our employers 24 hours a day. But getting away from work obligations is necessary to avoid stress and all its consequences and here we give you some tips.

What your body asks of you

Your mind is demanding that you work, but your body is asking it to stop. Listen well to your body, he knows what he needs. When you get away from your tasks, relax, find an activity that makes you feel good and makes you forget about your obligations.

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Make meetings

Your friends and family are great allies to put your work aside, they are the other part of your life that you don’t spend time on. locked in the office. Lean on them, go out somewhere, or call someone on the phone and talk for a while.

Practice a physical activity

Playing sports is good for many things. Your body and your health need it and they will thank you. Do something like that in your spare time, it may even be any physical activityLike going for a jog or a little walk, anything that gets you moving and clears your mind.

Put aside the cell phone

We know what you are thinking, you need it for an emergency. No, you don’t need it if you leave it for a few minutes or even hours. Remember that civilization lived many years without the cell phone without any problem, you are not a slave to them, as you are not a slave to your work that may be trying to contact you outside of your hours.

Limit your hours

It is important to set limits and respect when your workday ends. Be strict in this regard and make it clear in your work that You’re not available, that you have other activities to do and you cannot leave them aside, just as you do not leave the office aside when it corresponds.