Learn the details of the second season of Control Z

Know the details of the second season of Control Z | Instagram

They have finally given a preview of what will be the next season of Z control, the Mexican series of the famous platform from Netflix, so read on to find out all the details of what’s coming up.

During this new season, mystery, unknown and hundreds of youthful secrets will now be exposed in search of revenge.

That’s right, all of this is now back in the second season of the Mexican Netflix series, Control Z and that you can see on world screens from next August 4.

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Finally, the streaming giant shared the first images of the series starring Ana Valeria Becerril, Michael Ronda, Yankel Stevan, Macarena García, Andrés Baida, Fiona Palomo, among other young Mexican actors who attracted attention for their performances during the first season .

As you may remember, the first season of this series was released last May 2020 and it was undoubtedly a success.

According to the famous Netflix platform, this time the Control Z series is much more dangerous and there is a new threat that will expose all the secrets of the student community in search of “The avenger” of the mu3rt3 of one of the emblematic characters: “Luis”.

The days when the worst that could happen was having your secrets revealed to the entire school are long gone. Are you threatening her now? The Avenger. A mysterious figure who seeks to avenge Luis’s death by terrorizing the school. All the students want is to move on with their lives and leave behind what happened to the hacker … but The Avenger won’t let them get away so easily, ”a statement read.

This is how in this new semester, the protagonists will move on with their lives and after the loss of Luis and the revelation of who the hacker was, they will look for a way to be calmer.

However, a stranger will seek revenge for what happened and will cause problems again, something that was coming a little.

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And despite discovering the villain of the series and having a life in order, this character will seek a way to make the members of the National College suffer.

It should be noted that Control Z is directed by Alejandro Lozano and Bernardo de la Rosa; It is created by Carlos Quintanilla, Miguel García Moreno and Adriana Pelusi and is produced by Billy Rovzar, Fernando Rovzar, Alejandro Lozano and Erica Sánchez Su by Lemon Studios.

The second season of the Mexican series has the participation of Ana Valeria Becerril, Michael Ronda, Yankel Stevan, Macarena García, Andrés Baida, Fiona Palomo, Patricio Gallardo, Samantha Acuña, Patricia Maqueo, Ana Sofía Gatica, Rocío Verdejo, Rodrigo Cachero, Xabiani Ponce de León and Iván Aragón.

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After the premiere of the first season of Control Z, in fact, a medium had the opportunity to talk with Mauro Sánchez Navarro, an actor who played the hacker and who commented on the details behind this thriller that was placed from the beginning among the taste of the Netflix audience.

In this series you will not fall in love with the characters from the beginning, but you will fall in love or hate while you are watching them, because there is too much information and little by little you will discover it together with the unknown of who the hacker is, who is creating this madness and that is the important thing, that makes you open your head to find the black thread of history ”, he commented.

“He talks about diversity, acceptance of oneself, because suddenly one gets into his problems and you don’t know what is happening to the next person, we only see what we are living day by day, we do not think about the people of the same side, ”he added.

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This is how the 31-year-old histrion also explained that this project caught his attention because it shows different types of characters so that the public feels identified and hooked with the plot.

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