Learn how to prepare this magical shampoo to cover them in minutes

White hair? If so, this article will help you solve your problems because in a few minutes we will tell you how to prepare a homemade shampoo to eliminate them in minutes and without much effort

December 01, 2020 · 14:31 hs

Have you tried to remove the gray hair of your life? Has it worked for you? If not, don’t worry anymore because today we will teach you how to eliminate the gray hair of your hair with this powerful shampoo natural. To carry it out you will need:


Shampoo for personal use 1 teaspoon of baking soda 1 tablespoon of coffee powder


To begin, we suggest you mix the bicarbonate with the coffee in a container. Then add the shampoo little by little to the container and mix until you get a homogeneous preparation.

How to apply it? It is very simple because you only have to apply this powerful treatment on your hair, from the roots to the ends. If you want to obtain an excellent result, we suggest you massage the root with this treatment.

Duration time? To achieve surprising results, we recommend that you leave this treatment on your hair for 40 minutes.

How to remove it? It is very simple because you just have to rinse your hair with plenty of warm water