We all like ice creamsThey are creamy, refreshing and very delicious. This version based on olive oil It combines the flavor and benefits of this product considered one of the most nutritious and healing oils in existence.

What do you need?

125 ml of extra virgin olive oil.
6 egg yolks.
250 grams of whole milk.
250 grams of liquid whipping cream.
100 grams of honey.

How do you prepare?
Place the egg yolks in a bowl and beat with the help of an electric mixer until they become creamy and double in size. Pour milk and honey in a pot and bring to low heat until they reach boiling point.

Gradually incorporate half the milk into the bowl with the yolks and while you do it mix vigorously with a rod to prevent curdling. When you get one light cream Pour the rest of the milk back into the pot and do not stop stirring. Take care that the mixture does not boil while remaining on low heat.

For this recipe you need 125 ml of extra virgin olive oil

When the preparation thickens, remove from the heat and let cool. Once you have reached the desired temperature incorporate the cream With enveloping movements, remember that you must first beat the cream so that it grows and becomes creamy.

Now it’s time to add the olive oilDo it slowly and with enveloping movements to preserve the texture of the mixture. Pour the ice cream into a deep container and refrigerate for four hours, during this time you must stir every hour to avoid crystals from forming. Enjoy your meal!