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All effective communication requires knowing how to use words.

Thanks to technology, the communication channels we have today are many.

Employees must fully trust the company.

The internal communication of a company is much more important than you think. Many elements of an office function as autonomous entities that hardly interact with each other, creating a tense work environment that lends itself little to personal development and creativity. Employees must have a place where comment on your concerns and the company must provide a good answer. Also, all areas must be connected to each other and understood in a good way. But just as it happens in the everyday environment, communication is not a simple process. We deal with many types of personalities and a wide variety of needs and it is important that the human resources areas have a strategy in place to strengthen ties with all of them in this regard.

Humans would not be who we are without communication. That is why it is a key element, if not the most important, for the human resources area of ​​any company. And in times where everything we do and say to ourselves is given through a screen, new challenges have come. The language used can be both verbal and non-verbal and the handling of many situations will depend on it, including crises. What is said and what is transmitted is key to keeping the mood and the environment in the best possible state. It is through them that the employee is recognized more like a human and less like a machine. Thus, the following strategic points can be of great help for a company to function well from all its angles.

Total opening

Employees must trust the company fully. They should know that there they have effective communication channels, with means by which there is a constant openness that allows them to talk about everything that concerns them.

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Communication channels

Thanks to the technology, the communication channels that we have today are many and we have to take advantage of them. Remember that each employee or section has its needs, so adapt the tools according to each case.

The right words

All effective internal communication requires knowing how to use words. To say anything, it takes a conciseness, do not go around, or talk too much, you have to analyze the messages you send very well so that they arrive effectively.

Learn to listen

The art of listening is as important as the art of speaking. But it is not easy, it is not simply about allowing employees to say things, but you have to understand clearly what is being talked about and the concerns that are needed

Encourage feedback

Feedback is very important for internal communication. Try to implement it constantly, do it every so often to analyze what is done and how it is done, in addition to studying how employees feel and serving them from time to time.