In nature we find an ally that many people dismiss, but which are the basis of the best commercial medicines that are full of chemicals and sometimes tend to compromise the functioning of certain organs of the body.

June 26, 2020

Tamarind is a plant native to Africa that provides a large amount of vitamins and minerals, among which stand out tianine, which works for the digestive system, as well as a good dose of vitamin C, which we already know its importance to strengthen the system. immunological.

If you want to treat gases, accompany your meals with a refreshing tamarind juice.

It also contains potassium, a friend of cardiovascular functions and iron that ensures good oxygen circulation in our body.

If you have problems with intestinal transit, this is a good friend to mitigate the action of gases, regularly go to the bathroom, improve constipation and eliminate toxins from the body.

But it also improves joint related ailments, helping to deflate and therefore alleviate ailments that are generated from inflammation.

Treating fever with delicious juice is not a myth, you can prepare an infusion with milk, tamarind pulp, cloves, cardamom and dates. This concoction will gradually lower the temperature.

The leaves of this plant are said to help treat burns and skin wounds, just dry them and turn them into powder, mix them with a little vegetable oil and apply to the affected area. If your wounds are very pronounced, first consult a doctor.