learn about the app redesign

Instagram redesigned its presentation, in order to give Reels more visibility. Meanwhile, the icon to add images went to the background.

The app made its changes between Thursday and Friday, but even this Saturday many accounts had not been updated.

Reels assumed a main role: its icon is located where images and videos were previously uploaded, in the central-lower area.

This change is due to direct competition with TikTok, explained the director of Instagram, Adam Mosseri.

Recall that TikTok is under observation in the United States, in the middle of the trade war with China.

For Mosseri, these changes are a « necessary evolution of the application to keep up with the competition. »

« It accelerated existing trends, » the executive said. « The amount of demand for video entertainment has increased. »

Now, in order to upload photos and videos, you have to look at the cross in the upper right area.

There will also be advertising on Instagram stories

In the future, according to Mosseri, advertisements will be placed in the stories. “I think we can take advantage of the format, because it is the same immersive experience. It will be useful, « said the manager on the Instagram blog.

“We haven’t updated the home screen in a big way for a long time. But the way people create and enjoy culture has changed. « 

A space for Purchases was also created, in which users can consult the main offers of the commercial accounts that follow.

« We are very happy with the new design and we believe it gives the app a much needed fresh look, » said the executive. But he warns: « We do not lose our main value, which is simplicity. »

« We will continue to listen to your comments to continue improving Instagram for you. »

For more information about the changes in Instagram you can consult the official statement of the company.