Learn about the 8 systems that will be mandatory in 2022

The European Union requires that vehicles have greater safety devices from 2022. We will tell you what we will see in less than a year.

Alberto de la Torre Reyes

June 10, 2021 (12:30 CET)

The systems that will be mandatory from 2022

In order to drastically reduce the number of deaths and injuries on the roads, the European Union reached an agreement in 2019 for automakers to include their latest technologies on safety matter on all your vehicles on a mandatory basis.

The project is called Vision 0 and will culminate in 2050. Until then, European organizations estimate that the death of 25,000 people and up to 140,000 injuries can be prevented in the next 15 years. Just like we tell you in this article, between 2022 and 2028, more than a dozen new systems should be implemented in vehicles, but it will be the first phase in which more novelties arrive.

Thus, all the new models that are launched from May 2022 in the European Union must have a series of safety devices that you can read below. This regulation will also be mandatory for any model sold on European soil from May 2024, whether or not it is a newly launched model.

Although many of the vehicles sold in Europe already have them or are offered within the optional packages of each range, interesting ones will also be incorporated. novelties that will even affect our driving habits.

Emergency braking is increasingly widespread and will be mandatory from next yearEmergency braking is increasingly widespread and will be mandatory from next year

The most popular mandatory safety devices in 2022

Among the best known mandatory novelties we find the rear camera with cross traffic detector. This system helps drivers to exit a parking lot on battery while monitoring if another driver, pedestrian, motorist or cyclist passes behind the car or intends to do so. If necessary, the vehicle brakes on its own.

With a similar idea, the emergency braking It will also be mandatory from May next year. This system can prevent accidents or mitigate the crash if it is unavoidable. Thus, if the vehicle detects that it is approaching another vehicle or road user too fast, the car itself takes control and brakes as much as possible. The lane departure alert It is also common and serves to warn the driver that he is exceeding the lateral limit of the same without turning on the turn signal. Finally, among the best known systems we also find the system of seat belt use alert, which will become mandatory in the rear seats.

Vehicles will have a mandatory fatigue and drowsiness detector from 2022Vehicles will have a mandatory fatigue and drowsiness detector from 2022

The least known mandatory safety devices in 2022

After reviewing the most common systems, not so widespread are the systems of detection of fatigue and drowsiness, capable of detecting if the driver is in full driving faculties and launches audible and visual warnings in case this is not the case. To analyze its condition, the vehicle monitors the movement of the head or the blinking of the eyes.

In addition, the cars will also feature a black box which will monitor various parameters of the car and will be able to determine how the driver has acted in the event of an accident or if there has been an error or breakdown that has led to a crash. In this way, these undesirable situations can be studied in greater depth.

And among the most controversial measures is the immobilizer by means of a breathalyzer and the automatic speed limiter. In the first place, with the entry of this new project, all vehicles must have a breathalyzer that prevents starting the car when the conductor tests positive in the control. Thus, before we get going we will always have to undergo this little test.

Finally, the most controversial device is, perhaps, the speed control assistant with signal recognition. The objective is that the vehicle itself limits, by default, the speed at which it is circulating, based on the recognition of signals. The system works the same as an adaptive cruise control but the controversy comes about its implementation by default and not in the choice of whether the user wants to make use of this system or not.

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