Learn a language? This artist will help you do it faster

From the streaming service platform you will find an effective mechanism to practice a language.

When learning a new language, it is important to maintain discipline and constant practice through multiple mechanisms such as conversation and reading.

These habits can be facilitated with the technological tools found on the Internet, either from apps like Duolingo, YouTube videos or podcasts from various platforms.

However, this time we will mention an « artist » that you can find on Spotify and that will make your educational experience something more lasting.

How to use Spotify to learn a language?

The step by step is simple, you just have to enter the streaming service platform and type in the search bar « Superstar Language »

There you will find a kind of channel that is made up of several « albums » with multiple languages ​​and organized in several lessons that will help you better understand the language while you are walking, on the bus, cooking or doing another activity that does not distract your classes.

If you want to learn in a more relaxed and less formal format, then you can check the content of these podcasts that is also within the platform:

Learn English
Voice Of America
6 minute English
Podcast in English
The English We Speek