The Great N suffered several months ago filtration which made many files of its most classic games come to light, something that Internet users are taking advantage of to reveal to the rest of the community some aspects that were hidden in the source code. Thus, although we have recently been able to see what that Luigi was like, who never officially arrived at Super Mario 64, now it is the turn of other games of this more than mythical Nintendo console (among other filtered elements), such as Animal Crossing or Mario Kart 64.

The protagonist of the last round of information leaked to the Big N is Nintendo 64

First of all, to say that the means by which this information has been obtained are not legal at all, and therefore must be condemned. However, those who love the history of video games may be living in a dream, since a lot of hidden information is being revealed so far, and although we leave you below images of everything that has been revealed in this new round, at no time will we share the files that have made them possible.

And you, do you like to see these images of files that Nintendo had saved for a long time (at least in what it means to the world of video games) or are you one of those who is somewhat indifferent because all their attention is focused on These moments in the new titles that will come out over the next few months for the platforms of the current generation? Be that as it may, it must be admitted that this is a piece of history that has made it possible for us to enjoy many interesting titles today!