The existence of Xbox Series S had already been leaked several times, even officially by Microsoft when mentioning it in the controls sold a few weeks ago. This model will be about three times less powerful than Xbox Series X, geared more to the game in 1080p than the 4K that will be sought in Xbox Series X.

$ 299 and $ 499, released November 10

In the leak produced just a few hours ago we already know the date and the price of both consoles, in addition to the appearance of the Xbox Series S (codename Lockhart), which looks like a great speaker. Both consoles will go on sale next November 10, priced at $ 299 for Xbox Series S, and $ 499 for Xbox Series X.

This price agrees with what was filtered in recent weeks also for PS5, where the Sony console is expected to have a price of 399 euros for the digital version and 499 euros for the version with a disc player. Microsoft had to greatly reduce the price of Series S to compensate for buying it against the Digital edition of PS5, and it seems that 100 dollars / euros will be the difference that separates both consoles, with figures that should be 299 and 499 euros. Xbox Series S will have a power of 4 TFLOPS, compared to 6 for Xbox One X.

Although the TFLOPS of the new AMD graphics architecture suppose a higher performance for the same figures, the truth is that One X will continue to be slightly more powerful, so if you have that console you may not be interested in updating to the new models. Of course, it is expected that Series S incorporates some improvements such as faster charging in games thanks to incorporating an SSD, among other improvements at the architectural level.

Microsoft has confirmed the leak with a meme

The release date will be next November 10, according to the leak. This leak has been confirmed in a somewhat atypical way by the official Xbox Twitter account using the popular “Awkward Look Monkey Puppet” meme.

Subsequently, it has been Microsoft itself who has confirmed the final appearance of the console and its price, and that they will soon give more details of the console.

The console look had been leaked by h0x0d, popular for its Microsoft-related leaks. As we can see, it is much smaller than Xbox Series X, and it fits in a small portion of the volume occupied by the top-of-the-range console. It also doesn’t have a disc player, something the One X does. The air seems like it will escape from the top in a similar way to what will happen in Xbox Series S with its excellent design.

After this leak, the official announcement should not take much longer than this week, since it seems that Microsoft has all the materials ready for the launch, and it seems to have decided with a fairly tight price for both consoles, which will be quite low having consider the spectacular performance they will deliver.

There is also talk that Microsoft will include Xbox All Access for $ 25 a month with Xbox Series S, and for $ 35 a month in Series X, which would include dozens or even hundreds of games and a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. The battle between PS5 and Xbox Series X is served.