A new leak shows us the first Pokémon Gold and Silver designs, this time we can see the complete Pokédex of the Johto region. Still resonates in our minds the famous leak of the demo that was taken to the Space World of the 97, where we could discover which were going to be the first ideas that the game was going to have, and that later were rejected. In this time we are shown the 251 Pokémon that we can find in the second generation of the saga of pocket monsters, although they were not yet polished to be launched on the market.

Old acquaintances with different looks in the Pokémon Gold and Silver beta

The image that we show you above it is just a small sample of the first designs of the famous creatures that inhabited Johto in our Game Boy Color. It is clear that the designers were very clear about which were the Pokémon that were going to reach the final phase of development, although their sprites were very different from the ones we got to see in this final phase. But, not all the Pokémon were well defined, since some like Celebi or Larvitar were not at all like what they finally became.

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Do you think Game Freak should be a little more transparent and openly show us these discarded designs? Would you like to know what would have happened if those who stayed halfway had finally included themselves? Perhaps the saga would not be the same as now, perhaps the game would have changed, since other combat strategies would have been established. Unfortunately, we will never know, just as we may not see these designs discarded if it is not thanks to the leaks, which bring the world of video game design and the interior of the Pokémon saga a little closer to fans.