The iPhone 12 are already heading the final stretch towards their presentation, with a probable date but not yet confirmed in the month of October. The phones have been in development for a long time, as well as the processor that should power all its variants, an Apple A14 that we have been knowing about small details for some time but now it has been partially leaked.

Of the Apple A14 « we knew », always in quotation marks because nothing can be taken for granted until the manufacturer itself confirms it, that it would make the jump to 5 nanometers, becoming the first mobile processor to do so. Also that it would have 5G thanks to the Qualcomm modem in its recently reactivated commercial relationship, but now we have something else to anticipate its arrival: power increases.

50% more graphics, 40% more gross power

Built by TSMC, an old acquaintance of Apple and the rest of the mobile market, the Apple A14 should not be presented a minute before the new iPhone 12. Although it suffers less leaks than the phones themselves, we now have a well-known leaker, KomiyaLeaks , telling us something about him and his increase in power compared to last year’s Apple A13.

According to the leaker, the future Apple A14 would be capable of improve the raw power of the Apple A13 CPU by nothing more and nothing less than 40%. We are talking about raw processing power, the processor cores themselves, and if this jump is confirmed, it would put in serious difficulties a Qualcomm that has been closing distances with its high-end Snapdragon, and would have it really difficult with the future Snapdragon 875 of End of the year.

But the filter has also slipped the power increase in the graphics processing and here the jump would be greater. The GPU of the Apple A14 would develop 50% more power than the Apple A13, which would turn the future iPhone 12 into real beasts when it comes to playing games and all kinds of graphical software and virtual and augmented reality.

With 40% more power and 50% more graphics, Qualcomm will have it very difficult with the Snapdragon 875

As we say, the iPhone 12 are not expected until at least the month of October, thus skipping their already traditional annual cycle that should have seen them presented in September. Until then we will not know in depth an Apple A14 that, at least on the role of leaks, promises to be a tough nut to crack.


Apple A14: leaked data shows a breakthrough in power for the iPhone 12