In popular parlance, it has been established that necessity is the mother of creativity and one month after the closure of professional sport caused by the coronavirus, the United States Leagues are becoming resourceful, or perhaps desperate, to return to activity.

The stormy financial future looming for the sports industry today has commissioners and managers in lab work to stop the sizable economic losses.

For years, sports have been a constant cow of money that comes from broadcasting rights, the commercialization of advertising space and that echoes in stadiums, where the profits are the product of the street fan who spends from a ticket to consumption of food and drinks.

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To revive the economy, Suspenders They plan a return as soon as possible, sacrificing the festive atmosphere of the stadiums and buildings that will largely have restrictive measures for the public.

These days, America is the continent where the largest number of coronavirus infections occur daily, under this premise, it is practically a fact that the return of professional sports will take place without people in the stands.

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Baseball Big Leagues was still in preseason when the curtain was lowered. Commissioner Rob Manfred’s office plans include taking players from all 30 organizations into the Arizona desert and having opening day and several weeks at the state’s 10 training complexes. Days of two meetings of seven innings and even playoffs have been established by contest of home runs in order to save the most amount of games.

The NBA He is considering playing the Playoffs with short series and wrapping the League in a bubble, which could be in Las Vegas where the players would be isolated in one of the hotels that has thousands of rooms.

For now the NFL It has not been harmed more than in its traditional Draft, which will be held remotely. However, they already consider scenarios of a reduced season and without international travel.