League of Legends is coming out in Just Dance 2021 with K / DA

It is likely that in a while we will get out of bed, have breakfast, grab our mobile phone to scan a bit of Twitter and we will not be surprised to see news like today’s with Riot Games, but the pace they take is frantic.

I say this because the collaborations that League of Legends is getting with artists, other video games, clothing, brands and even in-person events, are spectacular at best.

The latest brand to collaborate with Riot Games and League of Legends have been Ubisoft with Just Dance, one of the best-selling games of its franchise and unique in its dance and music genre.

As announced by the official Just Dance account, the 2021 edition of the dance game will have at least one K / DA song to be danced, which will be Drum Go Drum.

If in itself what he has done Riot Games with K / DA is Hats OffTaking it to a benchmark music video game in the sector goes further. Of course, we will have to get used to this type of collaboration.