Leading scientist predicted when the end of the coronavirus would come

Like the predictions predicted by the founder of Windows Bill gates, the Irish immunologist Luke o’neill He was also a figure who stood out with predictions on everything related to the pandemic of the coronavirus (Covid-19) since their videos went viral around the world.

This time, the scientist assured that within six to nine months the world could return to normal, giving great importance to vaccines against Covid-19.

Through a new video, which was published on the NewstalkFM site, the Irishman referred to how the vaccine at the global level, holding that it is the way out of the health emergency. However, O’Neill acknowledged that certain restrictions will continue to exist. like international travel.



« Once vaccination is widespread, we will still have to restrict travel between different countries. That is the price that we will have to pay to have some freedom and not return to strict confinements. Freedom will imply the reopening of activities, it will allow certain events to take place again, international events will start to happen again, but the price we must pay will be that of not being able to carry out international travel”, Highlighted the immunologist.

On the other hand, O’Neill, highlighted the decrease in registered cases worldwide thanks to the implementation of the seven « very effective » vaccines that are currently being applied in different countries.





« It’s a six to nine month windowIt is what they are analyzing now closely, « said the scientist when referring to the end of the pandemic.

In this sense, I name the case of Israel as an example when stating that: « 94% protection was achieved », and urged developed countries to deliver surplus vaccines to nations that are behind in the application of the antidote: « The goal is the world achieves herd immunity as soon as possible, and accumulating vaccines this will not be possible « , the scientist stressed.