Lea Michele closes her Twitter after receiving attacks from followers of Naya Rivera | AP

Several days have passed since disappearance of Naya Rivera and now her followers have begun to attack and criticize actress Lea Michele, who participated with her in the hit series « Glee ».

Naya disappeared the past Wednesday at Piru Lake in the state of California, a normal day that she only wanted to go sailing with her 4-year-old son.

Unfortunately in the pot only his son was there, and for more than five days, the security forces of the area and also a diving team have been searching for her desperately.

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After his disappearance, several of his « Glee » cast mates wrote encouragement messages so that Naya could be found alive.

However, the only one who did not make any message or publication was Lea Michele herself, and as expected fans of the series they realized of that.

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That is why they questioned her and bombarded through social media to make a mention of it.

As a result, read refused to do it and instead closed his official Twitter account, something that alarmed many people.

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Many began to think that the reason had been since Naya wrote a while ago in her book « Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up« How was your relationship with your partner during the series recordings?

As the character of Santana went from being secondary to having more and more prominence and screen time, I think ‘Rachel’ – I mean Lea – did not like sharing the flashes, « he wrote in his book.

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In addition he also faced a series of cruel comments from users after Naya’s disappearance and some users unearthed their past disagreements.

I don’t blame Lea Michele for disabling her Twitter account, the way they harassed her was crazy. I think she should disable the comments on Instagram too, « wrote one Twitter user.

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While the reason why Lea made that decision is not yet known, it is understood that this a few months after giving birth her first baby and bad news and being bullied by followers is something that can affect her considerably.

In addition to has shown his regret Because of the way he behaved in the past with his peers, that is why now, who perhaps wanted to improve things, probably will not be able to after his heartbreaking disappearance.