Léa François has difficulty resuming the shooting of Plus belle la vie. Since the birth of her baby, the separation is complicated.

Léa François has been playing the character of Barbara in Plus belle la vie for a while. Thanks to this role she becomes known. However, the resumption of filming did not go very well after covid-19.

You should know that the actress has just had a little girl who responds to the name of Louison. This is the young woman’s first child. But little more, the young woman was able to benefit 100% of her little girl thanks to the health crisis. The first months were therefore devoted to discovering their child.

But now, Léa François must resume the path of filming. And it is not easy for her. Leaving away from his daughter and working over busy schedules no longer makes him want to. But even worse: the couple live in Paris and the shooting is in Marseille.

Each week the actress must therefore go away from her daughter during the week. A heartbreak for the young mother. “I tour a lot in Marseille, but I have also done theater in Paris in recent years. My agent, my friends, my family are in Paris.

Léa François (Plus belle la vie) had a bad time resuming filming!

Léa François is finding it harder and harder to turn Life more beautiful

But Léa François had no choice but to live in Paris. His life is there. “My partner works there too, with a more regular pace than mine. It is therefore a simpler anchor point for our daughter. What is certain is that I will be doing more round trips than before. “

Thanks to these trips, the young woman hopes to feel better. “It was hard because we were taped for six months, then the separation was radical. I leave all week in Marseille to shoot. “

It is therefore not easy to reconcile her life as a mother with her profession. Léa François tries to make compromises. “Dad had taken a lot of time off for my recovery. It’s going very well with him, but they still came to join me two and a half weeks in June. so that it doesn’t take too long ”

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