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After the news was released that the actress Eiza González will star in and produce a biopic about María Félix, it seems that the film would have problems to be made.

The lawyer Guillermo Pous, legal representative of Luis Martínez de Anda, the universal heir of María Félix, assured that said production does not have any authorization, therefore, it could not be carried out.

In an interview on the Ventaneando program, Guillermo Pous indicated that Luis Martínez de Anda has only signed several contracts to allow the use of the image of “La Doña”. The first with Televisa to make a bioseries, the second where it authorizes the use of the image of María Félix for one of the characters and the third, with Pink Tiger Group, to produce a documentary and a film about the Mexican film diva.

“It does not make any kind of sense because he does not have the rights, that is, there is not a single additional contract where Don Luis has authorized someone to exploit this kind of powers that only correspond to him,” said the lawyer.

Guillermo Pous indicated that after conducting an investigation, it was discovered that the confusion with the issue of rights is a deception on the part of the representative of a civil association and a commercial company who has the power to register specific products and services but not the ability to exploit the image of María Félix to produce films.

The lawyer indicated that Linden Entertainment, the producer in charge of the film, will not be able to continue with the project.

“There is going to be a warning to let them know that they cannot continue with this project. There is no point in investing and wasting time in something that can bring them consequences and more for having been deceived ”.

Yesterday, Eiza González shared the news that she would star in and produce a biopic about the great diva of Mexican cinema, María Feliz.

In social networks, the actress said she was excited to have the opportunity to bring the life of the diva to the screen and thanked the heirs of de María Felix for choosing her to interpret her.

So far Eiza González and not even Linden Entertainment have commented on the matter. González’s project, who in addition to starring in the film would also serve as its producer along with Dana Harris and Nicole King with Linden Entertainment, also integrates Walter Riviera as executive producer

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