A couple of attorneys were caught pointing guns at protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement who were walking in front of their property in an upscale neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri.

By: Web Writing

Missouri, United States.- One couple of lawyers brandished a AR-15 and a pistol to the protesters that were passing in front of her Mansion in an exclusive neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri.

In the video that went viral you can see the marriage made up of Mark and Patricia McCloskey pointing with the weapons to the protesters of the movement Black Lives Matter who walked on his property, nicknamed the Mansion Niemann, in the upscale Forest Park neighborhood around 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

According to NBC News, the lawyers They left armed when the nonconformists allegedly broke the neighborhood door.

The purpose of the couple was to keep off their property protesters. The people who passed by the house of the McCloskey They were on their way to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home, to demand her resignation after she released the names and addresses of residents who had asked to withdraw funding from the police department.

The protesters they chanted ‘Let’s Go’ as the couple He stood firm at his front door, patrolling from side to side.

A video posted on Twitter about the demonstration shows the woman pointing her gun at a protester wearing a T-shirt that says « Hands up, don’t shoot. »

The individual seemed to be trying to drive people away from the house at the time.

Patricia is seen McCloskey, 61, approaching the protesters that speak to them while some get up and argue.

Listen to others protesters yell at everyone to « Go » as the woman continues to wave her gun from her front yard and Mark McCloskey he was watching from the front door with his rifle.

The police of St. Louis They confirmed that they were called to Portland Place at around 7:20 p.m. for an intrusion and battery incident.

« The victims stated that they were on their property when they heard a strong commotion coming from the street. When the victims went to investigate the commotion, they observed that a large group of subjects forcefully smashed an iron door marked with ‘No trespassing’ signs. « and » private street, « police said.

Once they walked through the door, the couple informed the group that they were on a private street and they trespassed and told them to leave. The group began shouting obscenities and threats of harm to the couple.

When the McCloskey they observed several armed subjects, did the same and contacted the police. The investigation is ongoing.

According to John Amman, a lawyer at Saint Louis University, he told KSDK that the actions of the couple Sunday could be classified as an assault by putting the protesters fearful of their safety.

Amman added that the owners would have had the right to act if they felt threatened, but if the protesters pass through your home without specifically threatening the couple, would have no right to threaten with lethal force.

For her part, Mayor Lyda Krewson apologized on Twitter « for identifying the people who presented letters to me today at City Hall. This was during one of my Facebook updates when I answered routine questions. » Ensuring that he never intended to harm anyone or cause distress.