Lawyer confirms that José M. Figueroa will be sued for violence – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Farina Chaparro’s lawyer confirmed that next week his client will go to the relevant authorities to report Jose Manuel Figueroa for physical and verbal violence.

After airing on social networks some images of the discussions between the now ex-partner, the legal defender of Short assured in an interview with the journalist Kary alejandre who are preparing all the evidence to proceed legally against the son of Joan Sebastian.

Regarding the images in which it is apparently Farina the one that pleases the singer, the lawyer replied:

In the videos that Mr. Figueroa made public, discussions and different situations are indeed appreciated, but from my point of view there are neither physical violence nor emotional violence in those videos, at least on the part of Ms. Chaparro towards him , really what I can observe in those videos that this man made public are teasing from him towards her, she asking him to stop with this type of situation, she crying, he making fun of her

About the time that the relationship lasted between Farina Y Jose Manuel, the lawyer said: “She says that the relationship lasted a year or a little less than a year, and that the first episode of violence it arose more or less a month or a month and a half after the relationship began, the events increased, becoming more violent on his part, and they made the decision to end a month or a month and a half ago ”.

Finally, the defense of Short He stressed that his client decided to start this process after attending therapy and stated that what he is looking for is justice and not money.

Information from: El Imparcial

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