Lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over opioid crisis in New York will be paid with US $ 230 million

15 minutes. The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay 230 million dollars to the state of New York to resolve a lawsuit by the Prosecutor’s Office for its responsibility in the opiate crisis in the United States (USA).

As New York Attorney General Letitia James announced this Saturday, The pact means that Johnson & Johnson will suspend the production and sale of its opiate products nationwide, which are highly addictive, and make payments to that state for 9 years.

The prosecutor filed an extensive lawsuit against several manufacturers and distributors in March 2019. This agreement with Johnson & Johnson came about a few days before the trial begins.

In a separate statement, the company stressed that it will be left out of the New York prosecution process, which begins in a Suffolk County court on Monday, but continues to face lawsuits in other parts of the country.

The opioid epidemic has torn apart countless communities in New York State and the rest of the nation, leaving millions of people addicted to dangerous and deadly opioids, “James said in the note.

It is estimated that in the last 2 decades, this crisis has killed almost half a million Americans.

“Johnson & Johnson helped fuel this fire, but today they are committed to quit the opioid business not just in New York, but across the country. Opiates will no longer be manufactured or sold in the US by Johnson & Johnson, “he added.

Major deal

The drugmaker developed 2 drugs “designed to help patients with pain.” It did so under the trade names Duragesic and Nucynta. He assured that they have accounted for “less than 1% of the total prescriptions” for opiates in the US since their launch.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the company must pay New York a good part of the monetary compensation, about 130 million, as early as February 2022. Specifically, if the state approves legislation to create a compensatory fund for the epidemic.

The settlement money fund opioid prevention, treatment and education. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s Office takes the rest of the defendants in the lawsuit to court this week.

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), US state and local authorities – who have sued these companies for their role in the opioid crisis – are negotiating a settlement of more than 26,000 million dollars to close the case.

The companies McKesson, AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health participate in the negotiations. Together they distribute most of the drugs sold in the country, along with Johnson & Johnson.

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