Law of fire: the project that limits the private and commercial use of burned land obtained half a sanction

The closing of deputy Leonardo Grosso

With environmental activism in the boxes, and in a special session, the Chamber of Deputies gave half a sanction this Wednesday at dawn, to the bill that seeks to discourage intentional fires for speculative purposes.

With 132 positive votes, 96 negative votes and 4 abstentions, the project promoted by Máximo Kirchner, got his approval. The initiative of only 4 articles modifies the minimum period of years that guarantee the recovery and restoration of burned surfaces

Specifically, the project modifies Law 26,815 on fire management Y prohibits for 30 years the development of real estate projects or activities of any kind that are different from the use that these lands had at the time of the fire.

The fires in the islands of the Paraná Delta destroyed hundreds of hectares The fires in the islands of the Paraná Delta destroyed hundreds of hectares

In the case of privately owned native forests, the prohibition to subdivide, build or develop any type of productive activity after a fire extends to 60 years.

Before the vote there were moments of high tension. Legislator Leonardo Grosso, president of the Natural Resources Commission, euphorically defended the project and accused Juntos por el Cambio: “The fire is going to stop being a business“, Held.

The legislator also highlighted the militancy of “Les pibis” (SIC) that “they came to tell all of us that” we no longer want to be that humanity, and we have to take charge.

Legislator Leonardo Grosso (@DiputadosAR) Legislator Leonardo Grosso (@DiputadosAR)

We came to take charge of the economic and social crisis left by four years of neoliberal governmentLook if we are not going to grab flags of struggle for so many years in Argentina; we govern the country in a pandemic … We do not want to be this humanity either, we are going to transform everything, “he emphasized.

Regarding the rejection of JxC, Grosso assured: “This law has a problem for Together for Change; It bothers them that he has Máximo Kirchner as the author… The surname bothers them. It gives us pride”.

The problem is that it is incompatible to be a neoliberal and an environmentalist … It is incompatible to be from Cambiemos and an environmentalist. Although the monkey dresses in silk, it remains cute, and although the Secretary of the Environment dresses like a tree …”He added.

His presentation generated the immediate reaction of the deputies of the JxC interblock, who loudly rejected his claims. The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, had to impose his authority for the session to continue.

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