According to one of his mentors, Lautaro Martinez, whose game recalls that of Luis Suarez, would be perfectly complementary with Lionel Messi.

Given the number of players who are announced at FC Barcelona every year, it is rare that such a consensus emerges on the priorities of the catalan club. In attack, the two main targets are clearly identified. This is of course Neymar, but also Lautaro Martinez. And if the Brazilian PSG has already proven in the past that his game could perfectly marry that of the essential Lionel Messi, this would also be the case for Argentina’s Inter Milan striker.

This is what Fabio Radaelli, the racing psychologist, assures Lautaro. And where the 23-year-old player had shown all his intelligence, an essential element to exist alongside Messi. “Because Messi is so good that if you don’t move well inside the surface, unwittingly, he exposes you,” says Radaelli in the columns of Mundo Deportivo. You have to be very careful about everything he does because at all times he gives you an incredible ball. So you have to make sure you’re not offside. “

In this sense, Lautaro Martinez has qualities reminiscent of that of the current Barça striker, Luis Suarez, of which he could be the successor in the medium term. “Lautaro can be a big number 9 for Messi, judges his mentor. Its features adapt perfectly to Leo’s game. Inside the box, for example, he is similar to Suárez in expediency and in the way he stands out. “

Moreover, it is he who is winning at the forefront of the Argentine team, despite strong competition in this position (Icardi, Agüero, Higuain, Dybala …). It is said that Messi “adopted” him within the Albiceleste, which was not always the case, far from it, for the n ° 9 who rubbed shoulders with him in the selection. “It makes sense,” said Fabio Radaelli. Note that Lautaro is 23 years old and has already known two big names, like Racing and Inter. And now we’re talking about Barcelona, ​​Madrid, City. Before, we were talking about Dortmund. Lautaro is an animal. Messi can choose. “

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