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To end speculation, the Italians’ sports director spoke clearly.

Lautaro Martinez

            Taken from Instagram @lautaromartinez


Julián Bermúdez

May 28, 2020, 02:39 p.m.

Lautaro Martínez is one of the players who could move the market. In Europe it is speculated with the great intention that Barcelona has to acquire the Argentine player who is at the service of Inter.

Well, as seldom happens, Inter’s sports director, Piero Ausilio, openly talked about what the Barça team or whoever wants Lautaro to do this summer.

“We have Lautaro, he is an important value for the club. And we must not forget that he still has a three-year contract with us. Inter does not separate from its best players, but stays with them and strengthens itself in the market. This also applies to Lautaro. We do not want to sell you and there is a cancellation clause. The only possibility that exists today to see the player away from Inter is precisely to pay the clause, “he said on Sky Sports.

Thus, if Barcelona wants to buy Lautaro, it will have to pay 111 million euros, a figure that seems high for the current situation in the football market after the pause for the coronavirus.

Martínez continues as a future player, since at 22 he is already a figure in the Italian League, which little by little has become one more window for young players who later go to Spain or England.



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