Laura Zapata allegedly supports attack against AMLO | Instagram

Actress Laura Zapata is in the midst of controversy over a new account, this after she was accused of encouraging an attack on the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

According to some Internet users, it was through Twitter that the also politician encouraged users to drop a bomb in the National Palace, where AMLO works.

After this reached Zapata’s ears, she clarified the situation and pointed out that at no time did she carry out this action.

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In social networks they point out that a user identified as Dr. Brush It was the one of the idea, which is indicated by Thalía’s sister approved through her account.

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The famous was questioned if she really wrote something about this situation that directly affects the country’s president.

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Not at all, Zapata wrote.

The actress shared that because of these rumors she has received threats; However, I clarify that you are not concerned.

They have released their host of bots, I am receiving threats, eye, without any concern. The only thing that worries me is that they are reporting me. If something happens to my site. You know I wait for you at @ LAURAZAPATAM22 and to continue denouncing. To this mequetrefe #HayAtole #LopezNoEscuchaAMexco