Laura Pausini called Diego Maradona ‘unappreciable’ – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – .

By coincidence, on November 25, when the fight against gender violence is celebrated worldwide, soccer star Diego Armando Maradona also died.

These two events, so opposed to each other, would not have to be together, but the reflection of the Italian singer Laura Pausini, has gone viral, because she pointed her annoyance towards the excessive media coverage of a character whom she qualifies as’ unappreciable ‘when, he says, the important thing is to generate empathy with the fight against gender violence.

Through her official accounts, the Italian criticized the follow-up to the news of “Pelusa.

“In Italy the goodbye to Maradona is more news, a man surely great playing ball, but really little appreciable for thousands of things that were made public, more than the goodbye to so many battered, raped, abused women”, exposed. Pausini added that although cases of violence have increased, “they still do not care for the media.”

Laura Pausini also posted: “Our homes, which we all feel as the only safe place, can now be for many women the most hairy in the world. It is a fear that no woman in the world deserves to experience. And knowing that, during confinement, the number of victims of violence at the hands of the people they live with has increased (only today there have been two victims in Italy), makes me even more enraged.

“This day is to encourage all women, but also friends and family who know the situation, to always report any act of violence, abuse or harassment. We must put ourselves and our respect for our dignity and values ​​first.

“Let’s say STOP violence against women! Let’s make ourselves feel strong! “