Laura G breaks into live tears when talking about her romance with Carlos Loret de Mola. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

After years of the scandal that completely changed his life, Laura G breaks into live tears when talking about her romance with Carlos Loret de Mola, who was already married. During the Venga la Alegría live show, the host opened her heart and recognized the mistake she made, which she has had to carry all these years.

And it was that, it was during a talk with an expert in the live broadcast of Venga la Alegría, that Laura G he identified himself and began to talk about the adventure he had several years ago with the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, and for which he was singled out and attacked very strongly since then, due to the publication of some infraganti photographs.

“I fell in love with the wrong person and the price is not very high, it is very high,” he acknowledged live nationwide.

“When you are there like you don’t see, you are blinded, by admiration, by lack of self-esteem, by some problems that you have in your family, you know why”.

You paid too high for your mistake

However, she confessed that, after years of having suffered this stage, of having accepted her mistake, and of forgiving herself, continues to be criticized by everyone, although he has apologized and has totally changed his way of thinking, to make up for that mistake.

“It has been many years of carrying that luggage. I went out to a restaurant and they pointed at me, as if I had killed many people. What is not worth it is that they continue to judge you for a mistake in life and continue to emphasize it to you, ”he assured.

Laura G He could not contain his tears and, crying, he confessed that since then he has been a totally different person, since he was very young when it happened and I was blinded by love but that, finally, with professional help and with forgiving herself, she has achieved the fulfillment she so much sought, with her family.

“For me they were years of great sadness, they were years of accepting what happened, of asking forgiveness, especially from my parents, but asking forgiveness from myself, that that was my healing,” she concluded.

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