For the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos, the municipal president, Laura Fernández Piña, incurs contradictory attitudes on the issue of COVID-19.

Inhabitants of Puerto Morelos They pointed out that the municipal president, Laura Fernández Piña, generates confusion regarding the return to the “new normal” and economic recovery due to the pandemic of the COVID-19.

The above, because while the mayor talks about reactivating tourism and economic activity, her secretary of Public Security and Traffic, Gumersindo Jiménez Cuervo, closes avenues to prevent the mobility of people.

In addition, they indicated that the messages are contradictory, since Laura Fernández has highlighted that the low number of COVID-19 infections in the municipality is thanks to the fact that the Portomorelenses abide by the recommendations for social distancing.

Contradictory attitude

In this regard, Mauricio Chacón Ríos pointed out that with the closure of more avenues and parks, Laura Fernández shows that she only “talks about teeth for the outside” but does not really believe in the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos.

We are not going out on the street, so it makes me “senseless” to put yellow ribbons, he said.

Laura Fernadez Piña

The municipal president wastes resources sending police to close streets and avenues.

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For her part, Indira Izquierdo Fuentes criticized the application of measures against mobility, since the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos are in their homes.

It is to waste the effort of the police, since we are respecting the healthy distance, that is why we have almost no cases of COVID-19, he said.

The coincidence among the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos is that Laura Fernández resembles the character in comedy shows that “just as he says one thing, he says and does another.”

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