Through her official account on Instagram, Laura Bozzo confessed that she is another woman when she has her makeup and hair done, something that she did not do for two months because she was fully enjoying her quarantine without a drop of makeup in her luxurious properties in Mexico.

“After two months I don’t recognize myself. With makeup and hairstyle I am another, ”said the Peruvian television presenter on the Instagram platform.

Bozzo’s publication featured more than 11,000 “Likes” and around 495 comments from fans who were pleasantly surprised by his styling in his most recent photographs:

“Beautiful as always, you have your own light”, “What a barbarian. How good you look on your face “,” Beautiful woman “,” Beautiful “,” I love it. How beautiful “,” Beautiful my queen, all royal “,” You were beautiful “,” What a beautiful lady “,” Spectacular “.

Laura Bozzo: How do you live your quarantine for COVID-19?

Through her Instagram account, Laura Bozzo has been very active with photographs in the midst of the rigorous quarantine due to the Coronavirus that she is carrying out in the privacy of her residences in Acapulco and Mexico City.

“How not to thank God, despite the painful situation we are experiencing, to be able to enjoy the magical sunsets of Acapulco. Blessings, ”said Bozzo in a recent photograph.

Laura Bozzo is one of the Spanish-speaking personalities who have urged her millions of followers to stay home amid the Coronavirus pandemic, a dangerous virus that has affected thousands of people worldwide.

Laura Bozzo will soon premiere a television project in Mexico

The Peruvian star has highlighted through his Instagram account that he is about to premiere a new television program in Aztec lands. However, his great return to television has been delayed by the public health crisis experienced by the Coronavirus in Mexico.

“With my adored @magdaproducer and @andy___rodriguez in @televisa. Preparing the new, taking all the measures, if you have a story to tell, someone to report, a problem to solve or an unfortunate person to expose, write to me on my networks for my new program Laura sin Censura ”, Bozzo confessed in a publication.

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