launches console that chills beers

Bud Light launches BL6, a six-pack gaming PC with a built-in projector.

The beer brand’s new console chills two cans, while allowing anyone who manages to get it at their charity auction to play.

In the world, only 12% of young people between 18 and 21 years of age claim to have consumed wine.

Reaching gamers is what all companies want at this time, since the industry is booming, to the point that they spent $ 10 billion during March alone, 11 percent more compared to the same month in 2019, according to Nielsen’s SuperData. That is why even a beer company wants to venture into consoles: Bud light.

The segment is one of the strongest even in the midst of the contingency, in contrast to beer consumption in markets such as the United States, where new generations no longer want to drink alcohol, much less beer, because of the carbohydrates they contain.

In alarming figures for alcoholic beverage companies, globally, only 12 percent of young people between 18 and 21 years old old claimed to have consumed wine. From Wavemaker they confirm that there has been a decrease in consumption also among adults between 22 and 37 years old.

But what better way to connect with them than video games? Anheuser-Busch He came up with what he considers the best video game console, one that can also hold a couple of cans of cold beers. Through your brand Bud Light launches BL6, a six-pack gaming PC with a built-in projector.

Technological marketing is always wise and this time, the list of devices and gadgets created by the beer brand with the BL6 grows, which they already wanted Xbox or PlayStation.

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Efforts by Microsoft and Sony can probably beat it for technology, but neither has its own beer cooler. The brand created it in addition to to scare off the latest generation consoles with a rather attractive trick, because it is auctioning it and all proceeds will go to the National Restaurant Foundation. That money, which supports the program “Change Is On The Menu ”, to train people in the foodservice industry in the midst of contingency.

In data for gamers: machine has Windows 10 with an Intel Core i7 chip and 16 GB of RAM, an ASUS ZenBeam 720 projector and a pair of 8BitDo N30 Pro + gamepads. It also has its own battery, which the company says will run for two hours before it needs to be recharged. The machine probably only has integrated graphics, but it can run games like Tekken 7 or Soul Calibur ViI.

In Mexico it would be an effective product if one considers that in recent months, buyers have brought more units of beer per occasion (+9 percent) and this is reflected in a larger purchase ticket (+27.5 percent), compared with the first quarter of the year), according to the market research agency Kantar México. Beer is the alcoholic beverage that is contributing the most to the category, although there was also an increase in tequila, spirits and whiskey.