From Catania in Italy comes the debut of this Blackened Sludge Metal band with the name of Consumer, with which they have titled their first Ep, from Fresh Outbreak Records, Mother Ship, Impeto Records, Boned Factory and Nut Records, being the promoter Mani In Faccia in charge of its advertising.

Consumer is a trio formed in 2018 by vocalist and bassist Martino Razza, guitarist Federica Sapuppo and drummer Francesco Ciccio Paladino, after having gone through different bands from the Sicilian underground scene.

Consumer Ep is comprised of three long-running tracks, with continuous tempo changes, crushing drums accompanied by heartbreaking guitar riffs, and a blackened voice. Recorded and mastered in September 2019 by Giacomo Iannaci at the Morning View Studio in Catania, the artistic part is the work of Gore Occulto Artworks. It went on sale on April 3.

Consumer Ep:

1. Pray Void 8’28 ’’

2. Witchslayer 8’34 ’’

3. Solicitous 7’30 ’’


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