Laughter is guaranteed with Operation Camarón, the summer premiere

Today Operación Camarón, a Spanish comedy directed by Carlos Theron (I leave it when I want, it’s for your good)

Today Operación Camarón opens in cinemas and cinemascomics was able to attend the preview in Zaragoza of the new arteSiete cinemas, some very comfortable rooms with reclining seats and plenty of space between rows. Also, before the screening, we were able to enjoy the performance of the Zaragoza tiktoker Laura Blasco, better known as Lady Sarcasmo, who drew some laughs from the audience.

Operation Camarón is late, as it was scheduled to premiere on March 20, 2020, just at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic in Spain, which was delayed to September, but finally arrives now. The film is directed by Carlos Therón, director of other funny successful comedies such as I leave it whenever I want or It’s for your good, which combines in this film action, chases, crossfire and falls into space, with a very personal aesthetic and a very cold atmosphere marked by flamenco-trap rhythms. The film stars Julián López, Natalia de Molina, Carlos Librado ‘Nene’, Miren Ibarguren, Antonio Dechent, Alberto López, Julián Villagrán, Canco Rodríguez, Adelfa Calvo, Manuel Burque, Juanlu González, Paco Tous and Xisco González.

Shot in different locations in Seville and Cádiz, it has a script by Josep Gatell and Manuel Burque (It’s for your good) based on the 2013 Italian film Song é Napule (Antonio and Marco Manetti).

The film follows Sebas, a rookie policeman with a prickly appearance and talent with the piano, who is transferred by plug from his hometown to Cádiz, due to his knowledge of the piano, he goes from working in the evidence file to infiltrating as a keyboard player in Los Lolos, a flamenco-trap band that is going to play at the wedding of the daughter of a local drug trafficker with the intention of identifying the mysterious boss of the criminal gang.

The film is very funny thanks to its incredible cast, of which there are ten, especially Julián López who is the center of the jokes of the main characters, who plays the role of the character pulling a nerd very well, something he did very well in other films like Perdiendo el norte, since his true personality as the cop Sebastián usually flourishes from time to time during his infiltration, which puts him in some compromisingly funny situation. Miren Ibarguren is also great as a bad-tempered policeman thanks to the touch of humor that he brings, but his character may be reminiscent of Najwa Nimri in La casa de papel, which also gives life to a very bad-tempered police officer with an advanced state gestation.

In short, if you have liked the previous works of Carlos Therón like I leave it when I want, or other comedies like Perdiendo el Norte, surely you are going to enjoy it a lot.

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