Laughter attack by Pedro Piqueras live for the viral video of the disinfection of the Bilbao metro

Updated 07/21/2021 – 08:50

Journalist Pedro Piqueras has not been able to contain the laughter when reporting this Tuesday in Telecinco of video published by Metro Bilbao on “high intensity cleaning tasks” in which a worker in a PPE suit is seen disinfecting the escalators and what has been done viral because it does it uploaded to them while running and, therefore, always cleaning the same area.

Looking at camera, Pedro Piqueras has introduced the news “that has gone viral for what they are going to see now. Up to here, everything normal.

Already on the images in question, the presenter has continued explaining that it was “a intensive disinfection, as published by the meter itself, but, as you can see, the cleaner’s work is ineffective because he does it up the escalator while he is moving, so he will be disinfecting … “. Ah they have begun to hear his laughter and it has been difficult for him to finish the sentence:” … the same area all the time. ”

Between laughter, Pedro Piqueras has managed to say: “A scene that has generated many comments”. A minute later, after broadcasting the piece with the news, the presenter was able to continue the news program without any problem, recovering his usual serious tone.

Mind you, your natural reaction to reporting the video was also it has gone viral in social networks.

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