Breakfast with his vignette and the shot of coffee turns as bitter as necessary. It is the only editorial in which I believe, it fascinates me, it moves me. He permanently uses sarcasm and anger at the state of things, also compassion. He is a humorist who freezes your laughter and awakens your grin. It is beyond praise. His pseudonym is El Roto. Consequently the protagonists of his universe are broken people and also the wretched who run the planet. On Tuesday, an inconsolable loser would fix his eyes on the ground and whisper: “I ask for a job and they offer me psychological help. They think I’m crazy ”. And I long for Forges, I wonder what his characters would say, think and do in this atrocious time. It sure made me smile and tender. What these two artists possess is not called talent, but genius.

Unlike so many staff who have felt accompanied and entertained throughout their existence by television, I could have done without this device. With exceptions, of course. For example, it has made me laugh a lot at times and pulling that gesture from you is invaluable. In the past, comedians as original and surrealistic as Gila, Tip and Coll, that gloomy and disturbing joke-teller named Eugenio, some memorable sketches of Tuesday and Thirteen, Tony Leblanc, people like that did.

And I still get that feeling Broncano (I know he is a god for the delinquents of the bottle, so young and contemptuous they are), Wyoming (although I would prefer that an improviser as brilliant as him skip from time to time the scripts that are written for him) and Andreu Buenafuente. The latter has won the National Television Award. It was about time they crowned a laugh maker. We are lacking in the midst of unease.