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Andrés Guardado dies at the hands of the Los Angeles Sheriff. (Courtesy Noe Abarca)

When Noé Abarca received the news by phone that his nephew Andrés Guardado had been killed by an agent from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, he could not believe it. « I still do not believe it. He was a very enterprising boy. His life was just beginning. He was very positive and happy, he kept joking and laughing, « says Noé, Andrés’s paternal uncle.

Andrés died at the age of 18, killed by bullets from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department around six in the afternoon, Thursday, June 18.

The son of immigrant parents from El Salvador, Sandra and Cristóbal Guardado, he was the youngest of three brothers. « His father is a chef and his mother works in a factory, » explains the uncle.

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They demand justice for Andrés Guardado. (Courtesy Noé Abarca)

The boy had been born in Los Angeles and grew up in the Koreatown neighborhood. He worked full-time as a security officer, but in his spare time he went to the shop where he was killed and did extra work to earn extra money as a mechanic or for the tasks that occupied him. He studied mechanics at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

“He was seeing what career was best for him. He had many plans in his life. We were all very happy with him. It was a pride for the family, « he says.

Noah shared with The opinion, some recent text messages between Andrés and a cousin, in which they discuss the careers in which he was interested in studying as a police officer or certified nurse

“He was looking for something good for his future. You look at it in your last messages, ”says the uncle.

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Many Latinos like Andrés Guardado have been killed by the Los Angeles police. (Courtesy Noé Abarca)

In fact, he shares that since he was 13, 14 years old, the boy worked. He was helping an uncle who was a supervisor of a valet parking service.

He was also very athletic. « I went to the gym a lot. »

Uncle Noah says they still don’t know how and when funeral services will be held. On the possibility of filing a lawsuit, he commented that they do not think about that. « The ones we want are responses to the events that ended my nephew’s life« , He says.

Sheriff’s Version

A report by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective Department indicates that they continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting in which one of his agents was involved, and in which Andrés died.

The incident occurred in the 400 block of Redondo Beach Boulevard in the city of Gardena in southern Los Angeles County.

According to the Sheriff’s account, Compton station agents observed Andrés at the scene, and when the boy turned to look at them, he showed a gun and started to run. The bailiffs went after him in a short chase.

Andrés was shot in the upper part of the torso and was declared dead at the scene.

As the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office revealed, when one of his agents engages in a shooting, and someone is killed by the officers’ bullets, a series of investigations are launched.

At the end is the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, which after an analysis determines if there are criminal charges, and if the shooting was justified.

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They demand that the police stop executing people. (Courtesy Noé Abarca)

Latinos, the biggest victims

Juan José Gutiérrez, coordinator of the Coalition of Full Rights for Immigrants, revealed in a recent interview with La Opinion that from 2000 to 2020 in Los Angeles County, the police executed more than 800 people, 45.7% were by part bailiffs; and 40% at the hands of the Los Angeles police.

Of the total of 800 murders, more than half are of Hispanic origin, he said.

Andrés’ family has opened an account on the GoFundme site to raise funds for their funerals.

Also on the Change.org site a campaign of signatures has been created to ask for justice for Andrés.

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