Latina of humble origins makes history as first woman mayor in New York City

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Photo: @OmayraAndino / Courtesy

“I am very aware that I am making history,” said Omayra Andino, who just took office as the first black and Hispanic mayor of the Tuckahoe town, in prosperous Westchester County (NY). And besides, she is a woman.

In that little town of 6,600 residents located just 23 miles north of NYC, Andino is not defined by his race or ethnic origin, but he cannot ignore that he is making history. “They remind me of that every day, especially when black and brown communities say, ‘You’re going to do this for us.’

The new mayor Democrat swore last Monday in office for years, after winning with 55% of the votes among 1,887 voters totals. He was born in Brooklyn and lived on welfare for most of his childhood. Today at 51 years old he affirms that her struggles made her try so much harder to make a difference and be known.

The most important part of this trip for the new mayor of Tuckahoe was completed on Monday night. Shortly after I was sworn in, a 12-year-old girl took the podium to let you know how much she inspires all young women of color.

“When I found out he won, it gave me hope,” the girl told Fox News. “Hope for my future and hope for the future of Tuckahoe.”