By Froilan Romero SANTIAGO, Jun 26 (.) – Currencies and most of the region’s stock exchanges lost ground in the first operations on Friday, affected by an increase in coronavirus infections that, on the eve, reached a highest record in the United States. * The Texas Governor temporarily halted the reopening of the state on Thursday as COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations increased. That state, at the forefront of initiatives to reopen economies devastated by confinement, has experienced one of the largest increases in new cases. * The Mexican peso was trading at 22.8260 per dollar, with a loss of 0.80% compared to 22.6452 pesos in the . reference price on Thursday and headed for its third consecutive weekly drop, also pressured by negative figures economic. * Mexico’s economic activity (IGAE) contracted 17.3 percent in April from the previous month, the statistics institute said on Friday. * The benchmark S&P; / BMV IPC index of the Mexican stock market, made up of the shares of the 35 most liquid companies in the market, fell 0.23% to 37,645.88 points, at 8.50 local time (1450 GMT). * The Brazilian real fell 2.14% to 5.4729 per dollar and the Bovespa stock index lost 0.69%. * In Argentina, the peso opened down 0.09%, to a record low of 70.22 units per dollar in depreciation controlled by the Central Bank, while the Merval index of the Buenos Aires stock exchange fell 1 , 54%. * The Chilean peso depreciated 0.39%, to 814.80 / 815.10 units per dollar. Meanwhile, the main index of the Santiago Stock Exchange, the IPSA, lost a marginal 0.07%. * The Peruvian sol showed a 0.28% drop and the benchmark of the stock exchange gained 0.06%. * In Colombia, the peso began the session with a decrease of 0.42%, to 3,748 units per dollar, and the COLCAP index of the stock market fell 0.34%. Quotes at 1416 GMT Stock indices Quote Var pct Var pct daily in the year MSCI Markets 1,004.44 -0.63 -9.89 Emerging MSCI Latin America 1,925.09 -0.12 -34.02 Bovespa Brasil 95,434.32 – 0.57 -17.4767 CPI Mexico 37,663.39 -0.19 -13.50 Argentina MerVal 0 0 -100.00 COLCAP Colombia 1,120.61 -0.39 -32.59 IPSA Chile 4,031.03 -0.18 -21.04 Peru Selective 440.74 -0.07 -13.98 Dollar against currencies Quote Var pct Var pct daily in the Brazilian Real year 5, 4,536 -1.79 -26.3 Mexican Peso 22.9151 -1.03 -17.35 Chilean Peso 815.9 -0.97 -7.55 Colombian Peso 3,752.15 -0.63 -12.43 Peruvian Sol 3.5147 -0.42 -5.83 Argentine peso 70.21 -0.7 -14.97 (Report by Froilán Romero. Additional report Walter Bianchi and Jorge Otaola in Buenos Aires and Luis Jaime Acosta in Bogotá.)