Latin Grammys, Ricky Martin is caught without a wardrobe in the dressing room

Latin Grammys, Ricky Martin is caught without a wardrobe in the dressing room (Reforma)

Latin Grammys, Ricky Martin is caught without a dressing room in the dressing room | Reform

Ricky Martin has become a trend in social networks and how not to do it, if the singer decided to show more for his followers on Instagram and was caught from his dressing room just before the Latin Grammys.

The Puerto Rican singer posed “as if he doesn’t diet counts” from the dressing room at the Latin Grammys when Jwan Yosef’s husband was about to put on his pants.

Photography of Ricky Martin Without a wardrobe, Instagram and the rest of the social networks went crazy, since his followers could not avoid reacting to the artist’s great body.

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Ricky Martin only hides what is most necessary for photography with a dark-colored garment and the only thing he carries in addition to this is a small beaded bracelet in his left hand.

In the photograph you can see the former member of often in front of a mirror and crouched holding his pants to put them in place; his anatomy was visible through the camera lens, his tattoos, well-worked pecs, abdomen and legs stole millions of sighs.

The dressing room looks nice with dim lighting, flowers, and lights around Ricky Martin’s mirror.

The activist shared the photo 23 hours ago and in it he indicated that he was about to go on stage, more than 750,000 could not help reacting to the image.

Latin Grammys, let’s do it !, was the message that Ricky Martin wrote along with the publication.

More than eight thousand comments received the singer regarding his publication, which did not have one but two photographs.


The second photograph caused greater fury among his followers since Ricky Martin’s body is more exposed, the Puerto Rican is standing, completely upright, with his mobile in his hands and apparently, he was talking to someone. This image also shows a broader view of his dressing room.

The singer of international stature also shared in his Instagram stories his enormous emotion after knowing that he was a recipient of a Grammy, this in the category Best pop vocal album, where his album Pause was placed as the favorite.

The star shared a WhatsApp capture where they inform him before going on stage that he was the winner and an euphoric audio can be heard.

Ricky Martin made the stage vibrate with his presentation and his gallantry. The singer appeared in a dark wardrobe, quite wide pants and a shirt with a very pronounced neckline with embroidery around it that allowed to show off his pectorals.

The interpreter of La Copa de la Vida brought out his most romantic side and stood on a bench on stage to the delight of his followers.

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Currently, Ricky Martin is happily married to the painter Jwan yosef, with whom he has formed a beautiful family of already six members. The singer already had his twins Matteo and Valentino when Yosef came into his life, then the beautiful Lucia and Renn joined the huge family.

Much has been speculated about their children and who their father or mother is, as some say little Lucia is the daughter of the former Menudo, while Renn belongs to Jwan. On the other hand, a lot has been said about who the mother of these little ones is; many assure that she is a beautiful model and actress close to the couple, with whom they even find similarities in children.

The famous man caused a stir when he compared the surrogate womb with the Virgin Mary and was more than grateful to that woman who gave him the joy of becoming a father.