He thinks that even if he had turned off the lights earlier, the same thing would have happened

He does not blame Bottas and assures that he did the right thing by waiting as long as possible

He recommends not sticking so much to the car in front to avoid this in the future

Nicholas Latifi does not believe that the safety car would have prevented the accident at the Mugello outpost if he had turned off the lights much earlier. The Canadian doesn’t blame Valtteri Bottas for waiting until the last minute to start the relaunch. Of course, he recommends keeping a reasonable distance in the middle zone in the future.

The safety car didn’t turn off its lights until the last corner, preventing the platoon from regrouping properly. The leader Valtteri Bottas then assumed control of the highlight and made use of his power to wait until the finish line to restart it.

The leaders were able to do well, but the lagging cars struggled. They could not judge well the speed at which the action was going, if the race had been relaunched or not and they crashed into each other.

The drivers pointed to the safety car as the main culprit in the chain accident in Mugello. However, Nicholas Latifi doubts that having turned off the lights earlier would have changed the situation and is clear that Bottas did the right thing to maintain the lead after the highlight.

“Let’s say if the safety car lights had gone out at the start of the lap and Valtteri would have controlled the pace during it, I’m sure the same would have happened. What he did was the smart thing to do, “Latifi acknowledged in statements to the American website Motorsport.com.

Latifi explains that he would have been very surprised if under normal conditions Bottas had pulled off early, as he would have to deal with a one kilometer fastball to maintain the lead. Therefore, according to the Canadian, the Finn did well to wait until the last minute to minimize the slipstream effect from which Lewis Hamilton, who followed him, could have benefited.

“When you’re leading the race, you always want the safety car lights to go out as soon as possible so you can control your pace. At that very moment, with Valtteri first, I would have been surprised if he had come out soon. For me, he should have waited as late as possible to give the pull, as he did, since what you want is to minimize the slipstream effect “, he added.

Looking ahead, Latifi recommends that the drivers in the mid-zone keep a small distance from the car in front to avoid events like last Sunday, as everyone usually wants to be glued to the rear wing of their rivals.

“It is something difficult to judge, but definitely, the drivers have to have more discipline in these types of situations as well. Keep a reasonable distance because the accident happened for the simple fact that we all wanted to be glued to the rear wing of the car in front, “the Canadian has recommended to conclude.

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