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Last weekend, Tigres finally lost undefeated in the 2020 Guard1anes Tournament, of Liga MX, after falling 3-2 against Toluca in the Nemesio Diez Stadium, remaining in sixth place in the general table with eight units.

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Now the feline team is already preparing to face Day 6 of the championship when they host the Pumas in the University Stadium, next Saturday, August 22.

Here are the latest news and updates from the U of Nuevo León:

Casualties against National University

This Tuesday the royal team did not have the French André-Pierre Gignac, who as a precaution of the coaching staff did not train with his teammates, doing recovery work in the gym after small blows he suffered against the Red Devils, however, he will have no problem to be in the Volcano.

On the case of the Argentine Nahuel Guzman, Miguel Ortega and Diego Reyes and Alan Flores, the tests will be done again to know if they are negative when COVID-19, although if they are, they will hardly be contemplated to see action on Saturday, since the results would be available until Friday.

Likewise, Luis Rodriguez It is doubt because reports from El Norte Court, the lateral would not be ready because it presents muscular discomfort, which is why The Tuca rehearsed with the line of four, including Eduardo Third.

Triverio controversy ended

Last Sunday in The Bombonera there was controversy over the Argentine’s goal Enrique Triverio, which seemed advanced, but the Referees Commission of the Mexican Football Federation has already issued an official report on the case and rectified it as something totally legal, after the VAR warn the whistler that he had made a mistake by canceling it.

Isiordia wants to direct Tigres o Striped

During the program « Willie’s Hour », of RG La Deportiva, the ex-footballer Raúl Isiordia He expressed his desire to be in charge of a Mexican football club, highlighting the two teams from Monterrey, because they just spoke of the substitutes that could arrive instead of the Argentine Antonio Mohamed. « I would like to direct Rayados, Tigres, Mazatlan, Atlas”El Cora commented.

Galindo was not the first option against Toluca

According to the information on the portal Halftime, Gustavo Galindo was the fourth priority for the UANL board of directors in their attempt to replace Nahuel Guzman and Miguel Ortega.

The Brazilian coach Ricardo Ferretti and his coaching staff did not want to risk their youth players and that is why they signed the goalkeeper who had been released weeks ago.

The board called other players’ phones to tempt them, but they all refused for different reasons.

“They began to see options that they could record, such as Aaron or Eduardo Fernández, but none accepted. Then they looked for Sergio Silva, a youth player who left the club a few years ago, but had already signed with Cancun FC. And they bet on Gustavo Galindo « , revealed Tap Filtering in your column.

Tigres will no longer buy players and will seek to train them

The U de Nuevo León team is preparing the transition from buying players to training them in their Basic Forces, after several years reinforcing themselves with elements trained outside the club.

“Everyone knew that Tigres was not about training but about buying players. I didn’t need to train them because I had a budget, but now ideas change; perhaps the pandemic came to change the mentality. And now what we stopped doing at the time, and I include myself in the time that corresponds to me, is what they are asking us now, « he said. Abdón Calderón, goalkeeping coach, in an interview with ESPN Digital.

“Perhaps before they were not given the importance due to the Basic Forces. Perhaps previously he was left to owe a bit and now he is trying to reach perfection and ensure that there are talented youth players; This will give Tigres footing to start thinking about young people, something that I think was not so clear before. That is what they have told me: try to change the ‘chip’ a bit, that, with the contribution of all, the Basic Forces improve, see the fine points and eliminate details that do not benefit; that, if something is not giving, do other things to guarantee that improvement. The budget for basic is going to improve, all conditions are improving. The management is taking care of even the smallest detail to guarantee the growth and training of talents. The directive is busy and determined that this works yes or yes. If Tigres has been the great team it has been in the last ten years and now it also wants to be a trainer, it will achieve it without any problem ”, he concluded.

Salcedo was able to play for Inter Milan

The feline defender revealed that after Russia World Cup 2018 had a couple of offers from the Inter de Milan and Schalke 04, which it did not take to sign a new contract with the Eintracht Frankfurt, adding that despite looking like a bad decision, staying was a wise decision.

“I had a couple of options like Inter and another from Schalke 04, but from the club I was going to make a new contract, I knew the city, at the club everyone treated me very well, the coach told me that I would have an important role . I thought that arriving at a new club was something screwed up, « El Titán shared with 90min.

« Now I realize that I did very well, because after a few dates I broke my ankle and at 12 or 13 dates I returned and the technician respected my position, » he concluded.

« Pumas will go to Monterrey for the three points »: Álvarez

The Argentine midfielder from UNAM, Favio Alvarez placeholder image, He assured that he is laughing that people consider them dead before Tigres, so he confessed that they will go to Monterrey for the three units and that, even, the loss of Patón Guzmán does not take it as an advantage, because they recognize that Monterrey is a very strong team.

« I’m funny (they give us up for dead). On the court they are eleven against eleven and we are going to translate our idea. Later, whether they consider us dead or not is up to each one. I don’t read and listen a lot and I trust the squad we have and we are no more or less than anyone else and against Tigres we are going to do our best. We let them speak ”, he expressed in videoconference.

“We try to be on the sidelines of those who demand. The results accompany us and we know that we must be focused. We are facing a high-ranking rival. He is big like us, but we must think about our work and bring a good result from Monterrey ”, he concluded.

Vargas would be close to going to Brazil

Despite having been a starter at the start of Guard1anes 2020, it seems that Eduardo Vargas it would have its destination outside of San Nicolás de los Garza.

According to the information provided last week by different media, the Chilean was not convinced by the university club’s proposal, which was one year when he was looking for three years.

According ESPN, Tigres is no longer refused to negotiate and was willing to talk with Athletic Mineiro to reach an agreement between all parties because he knows that, if December arrives, the date when the Turbo contract expires, he could lose the services without money in return.

Those from Belo Horizonte would be in a position to pay two million dollars for their file, a number that would please the Mexican board, although the bad thing would be that the current contest would not end since they would have to leave in October when the signings open in Brazil.