In a situation similar to that of the last Blockbuster in Oregon, USA, which continues to operate despite the health emergency, the publication of a Twitter user who photographed has gone viral. the last Videocenter that is standing in the State of Mexico.

The Internet user in charge of triggering this nostalgic trip was @Grajeda, who wanted to share his discovery with the other users of the social network, who reacted with much surprise. Some even remembered the memberships that were given in the establishments, celebrating their decision to keep them, since they knew that they could use it in the future.

Others also shared promotional commercials for the chain, which beyond the 90s was announced by Garibaldi.

Could it be possible that it is only a facade and in fact it is an interdimensional portal?

Well, maybe this last theory doesn’t fit that much, especially since, with the immediacy of the network, it wasn’t long before the story behind the establishment was revealed; the premises are located in the street of Nurseries of the Valley, in Tlalnepantla and it is operated by the same family that opened it 23 years ago.

In addition to renting Blu-Rays and DVDs, they also sell t-shirts and caps from Marvel, DC, Tin Tan and even Cantinflas.

While they acknowledge that the boom in streaming has affected them, They bet on the sale and rental of films that are not available on the multiple digital distribution platforms.

The financial

It should be noted that this Video Center is the last one that is close to the capital, but there are still a few, scattered throughout the republic, in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Emiliano Zapata, Tabasco and in Nava, Coahuila.

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