Atlas and Tigers tied for marker 2-2 on the court of Akron Stadium at stake corresponding to day three of the Cup for Mexico. The front André Pierre Gignac and Javier Aquino scored by the cats while Luciano Acosta and Alejandro Gomez they did it for the red and black.

At the start of the game, the two teams alternated mastery of the ball. However, at minute 22 ′ the Chilean Ignacio Jeraldino left the ball to his teammate Luciano Acosta, who took advantage of a bad start Nahuel Guzmán to put the 1-0.

The Tigers Reactions and immediately advanced the lines to look for both the equalizer. It was in the 30 ′ when the defensive back made a mistake and left the ball to André Pierre Gignac; the Frenchman sent a cross to the heart of the small area but the center Martín Nervo scored in own door.

Already in the 42‘The same French attacker beat his back to the defensive back and then dribbled the Colombian goalkeeper Camilo Vargas, the feline striker did not think twice and with a soft shot to the first post he established the 2-1 at the meeting.

With this result, the set of Tigers advanced to the semifinals of the Cup for Mexico and will face the Machine of the Blue Cross, because the cement squad remained as leader of Group A after winning all their matches.