Last chance: short Jeep Wrangler will disappear from Europe in 2022

If you were thinking of getting a Jeep Wrangler in a 2-door version, you’d better make up your mind soon, as from 2022 this variant will no longer be sold in Europe. Stellantis knows that Jeep needs to reduce its emissions in the old continent, and eliminating the 2-door Wrangler will be one of the key measures to achieve this. Electrification has already reached Jeep and it will not stop growing in all its models, but at the same time it is necessary to eliminate the versions where this electrification is neither present nor expected.

The future of Jeep in Europe goes through plug-in hybrids, something that has already become clear with the discovery of the 4xe versions in Renegade, Compass and Wrangler. However, the case of the Wrangler is something particular since the plug-in hybrid engine can only be purchased together with the 5-door body. This decision, which a priori was not a problem in the Wrangler range, will ultimately result in the elimination of the 2-door Wrangler in Europe.

Jeep’s plans to ensure the survival of the Wrangler in Europe involve betting everything on the plug-in hybrid engine, being also in the air the possibility of bringing this same engine to the Jeep Gladiator to become strong in the pick-up segment. Therefore, and taking into account that in addition the Wrangler’s 2-door body is the lowest-selling body with 30% of the total, Stellantis has not hesitated to remove this body from the market.

The Jeep movement should not surprise us in the end, being able to be replicated in the future by other manufacturers of large off-road vehicles where electrification is landing more slowly than in the rest of the market segments. Without going any further, the Land Rover Defender could be the next in the medium-long term, since only its 5-door version has a plug-in hybrid engine.

For the moment there is no official date for the removal of the short Wrangler from the range, but sources from Stellantis point to 2022. Thus, taking into account that we are talking about a model manufactured in the United States and imported for Europe, it does not seem that Jeep is going to delay the execution of this decision much. In the same way It seems very likely that the Jeep Wrangler range will stick with the plug-in hybrid engine as the only engine available in EuropeSince only the 380 hp 4xe version appears in the Jeep Spain configurator.

Source: AutoNews

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