Last act for Joana Pastrana

Joana pastrana (16-3, 5 KO) stopped the scale this Friday at 47.5 kilos. It was the last time he marked the minimum weight (the lowest in boxing). Later, looked into the eyes of Anne Sophie Da Costa (28-6, 11 KO), the rival against whom the European will defend the minimum and with whom she will close her career. It still sounds weird, but it is. This Saturday (22:00, LaLiga Sports) will be their last act.

The Madrilenian, only 30 years old, announced her retirement a month ago. “I have dedicated everything I had to give to boxing to achieve my dreams. Sport has given it back to me in the form of titles, but not economically. My birthday is years old and every sport has an age limit. I think I am at the moment of looking for other alternatives and other jobs. I want to change my life and close a stage“, he explained at the press conference he offered to the media. The shock is still present, and the days have run a long way until today.

The WiZink Center in Madrid, where there has been no boxing for eight years and an international title has not been contested with Spaniards for 31 years, will welcome his farewell: “Not in my best dreams would I have believed that I would retire in a setting like this. It’s going to be very nice“, reveals the boxer to AS. Undoubtedly her last time will be special and as usual for her and her team, they have not wanted a walk. Last October she was proclaimed European champion of the minimum weight for the third time in her career She is the owner of that belt and wants to play it again.

Whatever happens this Saturday Pastrana already has a place in the history of Spanish sport. In less than two years she managed to proclaim herself twice European champion and three times in the world. Speed ​​has marked his career, also in his retirement. “I keep that when I get up in the morning I do it with a dream come true, not everyone can say that. Now, when I say that I am Joana Pastrana and I am an ex-boxer it will hurt, but I do not regret anything. I have always given everything. If ever I hadn’t given 100%, that would really hurt, “admits Joana before her last dance. The cinema knocks on her door, but first she wants to offer her latest action movie on the ring. On everyone’s mind alone there is room for a happy ending.

Pastrana will train to pursue a career in action cinema

The recording, last summer, of the Movistar series ‘El Corazón del Imperio’ (it has not yet been released) was Joana Pastrana’s first foray into the world of interpretation. The fighter prepared for months for the action scenes, in which she had to perform perfectly with swords. The experience captivated the Spanish, who began to inquire more about the possible professional opportunities she could have in that field. For this reason, last winter he decided to take a course on tactical training in action scenes (in the image). He got even more hooked. “I’m going to train in the cinema. The time that could have been devoted to a new preparation I am going to invest in it. In my mind is that change of scenery“, she acknowledges AS. Joana knows the way, but for now she has not wanted to inquire further. She wants to offer a great farewell today and from tomorrow, already as a former boxer, to think about her next professional challenges.

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