If they thought from the US Open that by making the dates and security measures official they would stop receiving judgments from the players, they were wrong. The opinion of the tennis players continues to emerge in numerous interviews expressing their point of view about what will happen this summer in the United States. Laslo djere, one of the new Serbian talents on the men’s circuit, left his impressions in a talk with Sportklub in which he confirmed his presence in the Grand Slam and, in addition, left some advice for those who are not very interested in staying too long there.

– Trip to New York

“If you have to go two weeks in quarantine, then I don’t think it’s too realistic to go to New York. The rules are strict, they are not ideal for the game and it is clear that the conditions are not suitable for a Grand Slam either. Although well, if it is really well organized, I am not so afraid of the coronavirus. If there is no quarantine I will play, I can’t imagine staying in Serbia and missing the US Open. I am financially insured, but winning $ 70,000 for a first round is not a small amount. ”

– Losing in the first round, a solution

“If there is no quarantine and you are truly afraid of the coronavirus to the point of thinking that you should not play, there is always the option of coming to New York the day before, losing in the first round and returning home. Keep in mind that none of us has made any money for half a year, now we are all with half our strength, so many are possibly forced to take this path. We’ll see”.

– No previous phase in the US Open

“I don’t think it’s fair, especially for the lower-ranking players, who won’t be able to earn points. This means that these two tournaments will be played by the same players, only the ones in the top100. If the decision had been not to play Cincinnati and if the previous phase of the US Open, then those in the top 200 could have participated too. Many of those in Qualy could defend their points from last year, although there is talk that they will be able to receive cash compensation. Then there are the South Americans, who cannot leave their countries until September 1, we will see how that is compensated. “

– Contact with other players

“We are all in different situations. Some are not financially insured, they depend heavily on tournaments, so everything becomes more complicated for them, they are more nervous. Personally, I don’t have those worries, luckily. There are some who did not stop training, others preferred to take a total rest, each one chose his maneuver, there was no one recipe for everyone, since we all faced this pandemic for the first time in our lives. “