‘Las Mellis’, Isabel Pantoja’s examigas, become the new collaborators of ‘Sálvame’

From guests and interviewees they have made the leap to social gatherings. ‘The Mellisthey are the new collaborators of Save me and promise to turn the program upside down, especially by share set with Anabel Pantoja.

This Monday, the Jorge Javier Vázquez space announced that new faces were going to come to the program and others were going to leave, producing a great change in the format. After keeping the mystery for a few hours, Raquel and Vivi have come out of a cage and it has been confirmed that they are the new collaborators.

Which they were friends with Isabel Pantoja and they spent long hours in Cantora until they were accused of being ‘moles’. They have presented themselves as two different profiles but a single collaborator, since They have been presented with a single suit as a two-headed.

It’s not the first time the show has featured them as scary movie characters, but it’s unknown if they’ll show up every day in weird and terrifying outfits. What is known is that they want to give cane in the program: “We come to work, of course. The rest of the collaborators are very asleep with the mobile all day “.

In fact, speaking of the recent conflict between Kiko Rivera and Anabel PantojaThey have had a lot to say, because they have branded her as “not being a good person”, although she did say that they both love each other very much.

It seems that they have been integrated quickly, as they have started having discussions with Kiko HernándezWell, they have assured that they have argued in advertising and he has spoken very badly to them. Even so, they had commented before that he “made up the news,” so they already have several open quarrels with more than one collaborator.